I was very embarassed with the brown spots on my face so that it was emotionally draining me as I used as many possible solutions suggested by even experts in skin care.but I started using Kinjini skin care regimen of Aloe vera cleansing Gel, along with Kinjni G-complex Exfoliating Gel with their Brightening Cream..I should say that I got my face back..it is removing the most stubborn dead skin that I thought I would have to live with forever,,my face has a new skin glowing healty ..Im becoming myself again as I look in the mirror,I see the skin Im born with ..no more depressing scars or spots that mask my face..Thank you Kokila ji and your skin care Kinjni for giving me my spirit of beauty and confidence back to me..I love all Kinjni products they are very effective , powerful yet very very gentle on my skin. just the way skin loves it. I highly recommend this regimen for all women who love to look beautiful and clean. - G-complex Exfoliating Gel
Founder, Vasundhara Designs
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